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I am full-time focused in my web/telecom-based ministry and my ministry-compatible business in Escape International. I am in the business of putting others into their own online businesses and ministries. I had been pondering for months about a new "global domain" for myself, but without success of capturing the name and characters I wanted in ".com" or ".net." I had also been seeking a simple duplicable way for my growing networks to activate their own domains to point to their new business websites. Global Domains seems to be the perfect complement to what my team endeavors to do. I believe it can be an ideal companion (not competitor) to many web-based businesses & ministries. This is why I offer it as a "domain solution" for people joining my marketplace ministry teams.

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I am a "systems" man. I love simple, duplicable, profitable systems that are low-risk to the user. Global Domains International's system was simple enough for me to not be distracted from my primary ministry and business activity and still take immediate and massive action. Within 24 hours of receiving my "Invitation" from a ministry friend, I simply loaded most of my Yahoo address book into Global Domains International's Invite system and later I followed up once with a personal note. That was it for me. There were several who instantly responded and the rest is history.




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