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    There is absolutely nothing to lose!

Global Domains International puts the potential to obtain financial freedom right at your fingertips. This organized network can make millions of people millionaires ó and there are STILL people who are skeptical. Iím so glad Iím not one of them. There is absolutely nothing to lose! I am so passionate about the money-making potential of this network, I tell everyone I meet. I quit my job with corporate America in July 2006 because of my health; I plan to become financially independent and see the world because of Global Domains International.

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Change your prospect's focus from the website to the money-making aspect of the network. Iíve run into a lot of people who turn down this opportunity because they donít necessarily have the need for a web site and look at the cost of $10 as a waste... do not let them walk away! I tell them they spend more than $10 per month on fast food and the $10 investment gives them direct access to the marketing network to build a network and generate an income; building the website is the secondary goal. Besides, who could complain about a $10 per month website that can generate thousands of dollars per month.




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