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    People love having their own personalized e-mail and website.

One reason Global Domains International is one of the very best Affiliate programs is because of it's very high retention rate. People love having their own personalized e-mail and website. Once they do, they'll never quit. Another reason Global Domains International has such a great Affiliate program is because it's so affordable - $10 a month is affordable even on a tight budget. Other Affiliate programs with expensive products are quickly dropped by the majority of folks. That's so disheartening - all your work down the drain. Not with Global Domains International. Global Domains International's future? Can you conceive of the Internet going bust tomorrow? Never! The Internet is the future, and it's expanding day by day and so is .WS. It's becoming financially stronger day by day - it's here to stay. You can take that to the bank and build a substantial part-time income with Global Domains International, which buys you freedom and opens up your options.

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Get your new recruits to immediately setup and begin using their personalized e-mail on their first day, to create ownership and longevity. New members who do this will rarely ever let their 7-day trial membership expire: they'll be members for life, generating you a growing income for life. It's worth the effort. Make your personalized e-mail and website an important selling feature - because it is. Some folks will join Global Domains International for that very reason. Of course, others will join mainly for the income opportunity. Make sure you're selling each person on the reason that most interests them.




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