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One great thing is that GDI is truly a repeatable business. True Residual Income

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    One great thing is that GDI is truly a repeatable business.

The 3 P’s of success: Planning, Persistence, and Patience… all PAYOFF!

Plan: Your day, your work week, your future – Global Domains International is your own personal business. Treat it just as a business owner treats their business.

Persistence: Try, try, and try again. One great thing is that Global Domains International is truly a repeatable business. If someone says “no”, then I say “thanks (and may I check back with you)” and then move onto the next person.

Patience: Every small effort and thing you do will payoff. Make sure you have a time goal. Mine is one year. I decided on day one that I was going to give this a year.

Promotional Tip:
You see, “Riches come and go, but wealth, true wealth lasts a lifetime!” That is what I am creating for my family: lifelong wealth. Creating a domain name that someone can remember is one key to our success. Create a domain that people will remember, whether it is your name or a business name does not matter just as long as when you tell someone about your website they will remember it!




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