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    Wow, I'm impressed!

I absolutely love the opportunity that Global Domains International has given me. I'm looking at this as a long-term investment, one which gives me an education in web-site development, Internet marketing, and networking. I love how Global Domains International lets me work when I want to work and where I want to work... home! I've only been an affiliate for a short time but in that time Global Domains International has come out with their DVD movie in 8 languages, and the flash presentation in Spanish! This company moves fast to support their affiliates and sell the Global Domains International experience! Wow, I'm impressed!

Promotional Tip:
Affiliates need to pay close attention to the bonuses, and all the requirements to collect them. Whenever I make the bonus leaderboard, I cut and paste that graphic into e-mails to send to prospects to show them that I know how to achieve success, and that I can train new affiliates to do the same. Reach for the bonus leaderboards, and your downline will grow fast!




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