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    What a great opportunity!

What a great opportunity! I've been very successful in network marketing in the past, and I can say this is the easiest home business I've ever seen! No selling. No recruiting. No phoning people to sell them the opportunity. Just hand people your business card, or use the "Invite" tool, and people go to your website and sign-up automatically before you even talk to them about the business!

Promotional Tip:
Anywhere I go - shopping, or any other errand, I just start a conversation with someone about anything other than my business. Maybe give them a compliment. Anything to break the conversational "ice".

Then I just say, "You know what? My company is looking for more people for part-time work using your computer at home. Do you have a computer? If I could show you a way to build an extra $1,000 - $1,500 per month working 7-15 hours per week sending out a few emails, and it didn't cost anything to get started, would that be something you'd like to learn more about? Great, I can send you an email with a link to our website. Would that be ok?"

Then I just hand them my card so they remember my name, and get THEIR name and email address and put their info into the my "Invite" tool.

In the subject line of my email I make sure it says, "Hi (first name), I talked with you at (location) (day of the week). I know they'll open my email with a personal subject line like that!




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