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    I am excited at the potential I see..,

In only my second week of marketing Global Domains International, I am already averaging 1-2 new personal signups every day. This is the fastest I have ever been able to build a downline right from the start. In contrast, in most other income opportunities, people are able to sponsor only 1-3 new signups a month. I am excited at the potential I see where my Global Domains International downline has the power to explode once my new referrals start to duplicate my success as well.

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The main marketing method I use to build my Global Domains International downline is paid email advertising. In other words, I do Solo Ads. A solo ad is an email advertisement sent out to very large list of subscribers either looking for a business opportunity or to people who are given incentive to read your email. Either way when I do a solo ad, I get highly targeted prospects reading my email and then following my link to my Global Domains International income opportunity.




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