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    The invitation system is fantastic.

The invitation system is fantastic. Just buy the leads, the system sends the invitations automatically, and respond to everyone who watches the presentation. I like to respond with video email, it gives a more personal touch. I find that many call me to ask a few questions before they sign up. In my reply emails, video emails, and over the phone, I explain the reason most people sign up is because we have an opportunity to create a tremendous income with an outlay of only $10 per month.
Since you can try it free, you have nothing to lose. I also explain for $10 per month, you are not just getting a domain name, you are getting a hosting account for your own website and email addresses all at Use the hosting account for whatever you like, and if you have no use for it, give it to a family member who does.

Promotional Tip:
When talking to people you know, ask them how things are going with their job. They will usually reply and then ask you the same. At that time, you tell them you just came across an awesome opportunity and they should check it out. Then hand them a card that says nothing more than "Need Extra Income?" and the address to your presentation on




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