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    This will be the year for renewed relationships!

We have been in network marketing for 30 years now, and we feel like a breath of fresh air has blown through us; Global Domains International.
We've been looking for the past couple years for a company that could help us rekindle relationships. We have found that company. When we were first told about Global Domains International, we ignored it. You see, we were like a lot of you:
Caught up in another business that was going nowhere fast. I told our referral to get with us the first of the year and they did just that.
The first of January, they called and updated us on Global Domains International. We were amazed at their progress and just how many people were joining. Then it hit us... Everybody can afford this and everybody has a use for Global Domains International's products. We got started right away using the follow up system by inputting everybody we've ever had contact with. Every day now, we get phone calls and sign ups. This opportunity is incredible. Definitely the win-win opportunity of the year! Thank you to all of our Team Members as we didn't do it all. Every one of us did it as a T.E.A.M. "Together Everybody Achieves More"! The will be the year for renewed relationships!

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Stay busy! Personally follow up with everyone who clicks and views your movie by emailing them a personal "thank you". You can't lose!




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