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My main business today is GDI. True Residual Income

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    My main business today is GDI.

I have been on the Internet since 1994 and have been doing marketing in affiliate programs ever since. My main business today is Global Domains International. When I first started, I set aside 45 days to just promote Global Domains International because it is the most productive, easiest, and most sensible of any program I had joined in all twelve years working on the Internet. Global Domains International sets you up for a long-term "income for life" and it grows quite fast as people you get to join our happy, delighted community of networkers.

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What I found works the best is giving my downline every bit of help and support I can. The more you do to help others reaps unbelievable rewards. I work closely with and follow the leaders in the marketing industry and do what they are doing. Learn and copy from them. I do a lot of follow-up mailing and make sure my prospects don't miss anything they should know. I post ads on grocery store bulletin boards where they are available and I include my Global Domains International business card in every piece of mail I send out to pay bills or any other reason.




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