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    GDI is a bargain's bargain.

The key to joining Global Domains International is the ability to purchase a useful tool at a price point that is in everyone's price range. $10 is spent by most of us almost daily on ridiculous items, such as meals with little or no nutritional value, a huge waste of money. In addition, almost everyone needs, can use, or will be using a website for any of a litany of reasons. Simply, Global Domains International is a bargain's bargain, so put your funds to a use with something of extreme value. Did someone even mention that we can get paid also?

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Offer your personally sponsored members more value than Global Domains International offers. Some possibilities are: follow-up with a personal thank you post card from your town; follow-up with a personal thank you letter from you; follow-up with a personal phone call; offer to do a personal 3-way call to their prospects; offer to do a custom conference call with their prospects; offer a free Global Domains International DVD for every two they hand out-- then offer to either call in their behalf or a 3-way into DVD holder to answer any questions; send them a movie ticket. Or, custom-create your own value-added experience to your personally sponsored prospects.




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