The Make Money Team Work (MMTW) is a system designed to help you and others achieve financial freedom and maintain that status by working together as a team, helping each other make money online from home while growing each member's personal team and business. This is a Pay It Forward initiative...
MMTW is a Personal Downline Builder and a Traffic Co-Op system. Each member can decide what programs to Join and what programs to promote to their downline.
Even add your own programs and claim them, in case the programs haven't been added before.*
You have complete control over what your team sees.*

* Coming real soon ...

How does the MMTW System Works? - in short:

  1. Join our MMTW Team, this website. Here
  2. In your member-area you will find a list of the programs we support at the moment (more will come...), we strongly recommend joining them to maximize your online success and profit.
    You can add your own programs*, this is the fun part....
  3. Each member receives 1 entry in our Traffic Distribution system, where we deliver 100% of the traffic we receive back to our members.
  4. You can get more free traffic form us if you create a back-link (hyperlink) to the team's main website, from your website or page. In that case we will multiply your entries in our Traffic Distribution system; this is NOT a requirement but can help you and us achieve financial freedom faster.

    Don't have a website, No Problems. When you join Global Domains International (GDI) from the members-area, this program will provide you with a professional website where you will be able to add the back-link from there.
    We have ready made Splash-Pages ready with your ID in them, just upload the HTML.
    We also have a mechanism that can setup your GDI account for you with the splash-page of your choosing, automatically; this is quite cool :-)
  5. We add you to the Free Traffic Distribution Advertising System - You get this same replicated website - All for FREE forever.
  6. If you are already a member of any of these programs, simply update your referral / sponsor ID and our system will use that to promote and help grow your business.
  7. In case you own a Web-Directory, click here and follow the instructions.

* Coming real soon ...

How Does The Traffic Distribution Works?

MMTW website gets it's traffic from various sources, that includes Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Yahoo and others; from Traffic Exchanges like Traffic 2 Profit, Hungry For Hits and Easy Hits 4U, and direct back-links to the main URL created by our wonderful team members. In addition we also distribute all the traffic we purchase.

The system is designed to distribute the traffic (visitors) that come to the main site to the team members and will do so as long as the team member is active. When there is a a valid and active back-link, you will get much more traffic from us.
All qualified members are put into a distribution-list and each time the system picks the next user and sends the traffic to them. This is not a Randomizer where you might not get traffic. With us everyone Wins.

We  Have Tools To Help You Succeed

The programs we recommend have the best Tools for your Success, Page Creator / Downline Mailer and more.



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