Millionaire Mind

James Lee Valentine created an inspiring array of videos and audios in the Power and Millionaire series. After that, James turned his attention to online-based platforms because he believes that through the power of the internet he can impact the lives of literally millions of people in a positive and life transforming way.


Financial Freedom

You can earn a substantial income from home, in your spare time! Utilizing our easy-to-follow business system, you can earn a substantial income by introducing the MX.World platform to other people, who also follow our effective wealth building system.

How simple can this business get? Well, this is all you need to start: Internet access via computer or mobile device!



Become a member and choose from a selection of empowering products for you to use in your quest for positive life transformation!


Advertising Solutions

Advertising platform that allows our members to advertise their products and services but which lets them also earn from their online promotional activities.



Empowerment Materials

Success Systems created by James Lee Valentine to help our members make positive transformations in their lives personally and financially and in their business.




Business Programs

Home business that generate extra income for you! You may choose from our range of MillionaireX business programs which have been online every day since 2011.



Resources And Tools

Access to innovative range of technologically advanced resources specially designed to help maximize your life and business. Greater productivity equals greater profits.




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