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  I have seen the light!

While I understand the networking opportunity, my initial attraction to this company was for the product. I have owned domain names with other vendors, have bought website software and have websites being hosted by other hosting companies. But Global Domains International has comparable or superior products to any other vendor I have seen, all for $10 per month, an unbelievable price! It makes sense to be a consumer with Global Domains International even if there were no business opportunity attached. But now that I have seen the light, it makes even more sense to do referral marketing, telling everyone I know about Global Domains International.

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  The email worked, the movie worked and I signed up without talking with anyone.

I received an email from Ron Pruett inviting me to see the Global Domains International movie.
The email worked, the movie worked and I signed up without talking with anyone. Ron called me immediately! I began recruiting August 17th, and have been on the leaderboard making money ever since. This is the best business opportunity I have ever come across!

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  The GDI opportunity is the best all-around home business opportunity.

I believe the Global Domains International opportunity is the best all-around home business opportunity available today because the earnings are unlimited and the monthly cost is low enough to fit into anyone's budget. The weekly bonuses are a big plus also because the requirements are within the reach of even a novice home business entrepreneur.

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  It is fun and easy.

Global Domains International is so simple that even a not-so-savvy Internet user can make money. It is fun and easy to do and it doesn't take up a lot of time.

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GDI has made a change in my life for the better.
If there's any advise I could give to anyone just starting out in this business, it would be to deve
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