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Why not use the power of your Web-Directory to make substantial residual and passive income?
You have invested a lot of hours and energy developing your Web-Directory, so let's work together and monetize your work.

Most Web-Directories are running a special script that manages the entries of the sites, some times these scripts require that a back-link will be created to the directory before it can accept new additions. We have a solution for that, just follow the simple steps on this page and you're set to go:

Here is how we can help each other make your Web-Directory even greater and more profitable:

  1. Please join our web-site from here.
  2. Type your Web-Directory's main URL in the following input box and we will add a back-link to you right away.
    This back-link is valid only for Web-Directory owners and will remain for 7 days to give you time to successfully add our site to your directory.

    Once you successfully added us, this back-link will become permanent.

            The back-link will be added to this page.

  1. Add https://makemoneyteamwork.com to your directory. You can choose from several slogans we have prepared or use your own.
    On this page you may find ways to validate your MMTW-Username on your site, this is in order to participate in the traffic distribution benefit.
    You have several option that includes: HTML Code, TAG added to <head> section, DNS Entry or File uploaded to your root directory.
  2. The URL you need to use for the Reciprocal-Link is: https://makemoneyteamwork.com/webdirectory.html (This page)
  3. In any case if you have questions or need help in the process, please send a mail to help@makemoneyteamwork.com with the details, we will be happy to assist you in any way.
  4. Start making extra income from your web-directory!

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