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How To Make Money Online With Website Directories

We can help you monetize your Web-Directory and earn substantial income when joining MMTW and adding our WebSite to your directory.

Most Web-Directories are running a special script that manages the entries of the sites, some times these scripts require that a back-link will be created to the directory before it can accept new additions. In addition adding special code is not always possible. We are aware of that and we are here to help.

After you join MMTW:

  1. Please write to us that you wish to participate and include us in your directory while maintaining your MMTW Username identification. Please use help@makemoneyteamwork.com
  2. We will create a manual back-link to your Web-Directory to allow your script to add us to your directory.
  3. For the MMTW Username identification, the best would be for you to upload the HTML file we will provide to your website's root folder, but if your can't from any reason, we have other solution for that, we will create a special subdomain for you to use in your web-directory that will identify you.


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