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Global Domains International. (GDI) is one of the most popular and successful internet based home business opportunities.

What makes them stand out from the other web hosting companies is that they simplified everything as much as possible so it is the perfect choice for novice web designers. Anyone who is fairly new to web design will benefit from the web hosting package that GDI has to offer. It is cheap, very professional and easy to use plus they offer a great business opportunity to those who are interested in making money.

Global domains International will pay you 10% per month in commission for referring new customers to them. They will also pay you 10% per month on the customers referred by your customers. They pay 10% per month on 5 generations of sales (5 levels).

10% of $10 is only $1.00 so at first it doesn't look like much. However, you keep making that $1.00 every single month for as long as your customer remains with the company! So... If you refer a customer who ends up staying 5 years, you'd make $60 from that customer. Now $60 per 5 years is ridiculously low, I know... and that's where leverage comes in. Remember, they pay for 5 generation of sales... so, let's say you refer 3 who each refer 3.

Level1: 3
Level2: 9
Levle3: 27
Level4: 81
Level5: 243
Total: 363 Customers

So by only referring 3 customers, if they all manage to get their own 3, you'd end up with 363 customers so you'd make $363.00 per month, minus your membership fee of $10.00 = $353.00 in profit each and every month. Pretty good return on investment isn't it?

Do you know how much money you would need in savings at 5% compound interest to generate $353.00 per month? About $82,500.00!

So you see, the little $1.00 commissions you can make with GDI can go a long way. This is a RESIDUAL dollar, its worth a lot more than most people think. Also the fantastic thing about all this is that once you have a decent sized team, your monthly income will grow without you lifting a single finger because your team members will continue to grow their own GDI businesses within your organization!

Oh and by the way, you are not limited to 3 customers on your first level; each level is unlimited! So if you refer 25 members in your first level and they all only refer 3, you'll end up with an organization like:

Level1: 25
Level2: 75
Level3: 225
Level4: 675
Level5: 2,025
Total: 3,025 members x $1.00 = $3,025.00 - $10.00 membership fee = a $3,015.00 MONTHLY PROFIT!

However the key is this: If you refer a few customers to GDI, will they succeed at referring their own customers? In order to have 5 levels of consistent growth, the customers that you refer to GDI must be able to make their own sales and grow their teams. That's where The Make Money Online comes in!

The Make Money Online system automates this duplication process and makes it as easy as it can possibly be. It does all the presentation for you so all you have to do is refer people to The Make Money Online and the system will Refer them to GDI for you automatically. The Make Money Online will make your life a lot easier.

Basically, all you have to do is this JOIN The Make Money Online on the following URL, is has all the instructions on that page ready for you.

So as you can see, GDI is a very good global home business opportunity with a terrific compensation plan.

Give it a try, they offer a 7 day free trial so there's no risk.
Signup now and have a look inside.

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